Adobe – site redesign


  • Numerous customer complaints that site was cluttered; UI was cumbersome and inconsistent.
  • Fragmented, inconsistent, sites and microsites worldwide (many abandoned, buggy, not well-maintained).
  • Lack of ownership over different locales due to low resources and poor communication.
  • Outdated and inconsistent technologies (some static HTML sites, some Flash, etc.).
  • No unified marketing message, no translations available in many languages.
  • This project was the first Adobe site-wide globalization using newly acquired Day/CQ5 WCMS.


  • 80% reduction in content, resulting in significant, on-going overhead/maintenance savings.
  • Research-based user experience improvements incorporating buy flow, test and target (A/B testing).
  • WCMS interface and process/workflow upgrades/updates based on user feedback.
  • Served as the boilerplate for all subsequent migrations.
  • Global migration of Adobe‚Äôs static Education site and microsites to Day/CQ5 WCMS platform.
  • Provided documentation and training to other departments based on our experiences.
  • Translated into 27 languages in 60 locales, launching on time and under budget.
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