lucy – site redesign


  • Address top customer pain points based on collected user data (navigation, cart, error handling, etc.).
  • Prepare site for major overhaul and redesign to improve customer experience and site performance.
  • Resolve navigational and workflow issues, bugs and errors on the site.
  • Help build new eCommerce department, train staff, improve processes, document and provide training.
  • Upgrade taxation system (Avalara) to bring into compliance with all jurisdictions.


  • Reduced overhead site maintenance and vendor costs by 40%, increased conversions up to 12%.
  • Competitive analysis, customer feedback, surveys, traffic behavior and A/B testing.
  • Improved user experience, prepared for full site overhaul, brand refresh, upgrade and migration.
  • Updated global navigation, site map, and the way the site processes sales tax.
  • Documented and streamlined internal processes, vendor management, release management, site management.
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