testimonials“Working with Justin on a large-scale redesign of Adobe.com was fantastic. He continually impressed me with his ability to juggle shifting priorities and tight deadlines while keeping his eye on the big picture. The bridges he built amongst a large inter-disciplinary team were key in driving this project to successful completion.”  – Taj P., UX Design Manager

testimonials“I particularly remember Justin’s aptitude for information architecture and interaction design (as it was in that capacity we interacted). I came to rely on him as someone I could bounce ideas off of in regards to my designs.” – Aaron M., User Experience Architect

testimonials“He paid incredible attention to detail so that nothing was overlooked, he had amazing calm when working under tight deadlines and he had the ability and patience to deal with various stakeholders. His work is top-notch and he is just a great person to work with!” – Elisa H., Marketing Director

testimonials“In a quickly growing company, Justin single-handedly managed a constantly changing focus, a constantly changing aesthetic, a constantly changing EVERYTHING – all with a great spirit and dedication. I really enjoyed working with him and would jump at the chance to rely on him for his technical knowledge, design aesthetic, communication skills, and easy-going personality – a pleasure!” – Katherine M., Design Supervisor

testimonials“Justin was a dream to work with; very efficient and fast. His work was superb. Anytime I needed anything done, I would ask Justin and it was done exactly as requested. He had a good eye for detail and good design sense. Justin always had a professional attitude.” – Lianne M., Design Consultant

testimonials“Justin is Mr. Can-Do! He is responsive, reliable, and incredibly fast–turning around assignments and delivering quality work in record time. He is excellent at managing his own work but also knows when to ask questions. He is adaptable and flexible, able to work to any specifications and shift gears as necessary. I really appreciate working with Justin for the insight that he provides, his output, and his unflaggingly cheerful attitude and approach. I know that I can count on Justin. Any organization would be lucky to have him on board.” – Erika M., Vice President of Marketing

testimonials“Justin is one of the best creative directors I’ve ever worked with. He possesses a rare combination of creative acumen, personableness and pragmatism. Bringing the highest degree of professionalism and perfectionism to his work, Justin always gets the job done in a calm, efficient and pleasant manner.” – Beth G., LMFT (former direct report)